Yamaha Tracer IX GT Audit

The launches of new motorcycle models follow a well-trodden path: go to the site, eat good food, get information about the current bike, ride a route that highlights the strengths of the bike, take photos / videos, eat more good food, go home and write a review. After 27 years in this industry, I still get a inexpensivehrill from throwing a leg over a new motorcycle before it’s open to the public. What really gets me going, however, is when I have the chance to record more than the few hundred kilometers that are usually covered in an Intro and travel in real time on this bike.For these carpooling events, I usually spend many hours planning and rescheduling my route back home, looking for the optimal balance between exciting roads, beautiful landscapes and realistic travel times. These rides really give me the opportunity to get to know a motorcycle, provide more information for the exam and have fun at the same time. With barely contained excitement, I left Boise, IDAHO, around 8:00 last Friday morning on a 2024 Yamaha Tracer 9 GT+ with about 950 miles of driving across three states in two days ahead of me. I was positively giddy.

While the Tracer 9 GT+ was available abroad as a 2023 model, they should arrive at Yamaha dealerships this month as early release models for 2024 on the North American market. Because we are impatient here in MO, one of our European freelancers sent us an initial driving evaluation in May, and we liked what we read. This article only served to increase my anticipation for my long journey.A familiar engine
Given my familiarity with the 890CC CP3 Triple and the fact that it is unchanged for the GT+ compared to the GT, I immediately felt at home and tore the revs up to its claimed peak of 117 hp while driving on Interstate 84 heading southeast. The Triple’s performance is almost perfect in my opinion, and as I would notice while driving, the ECU’s fuel allocation in road mode (one of the four modes, including road, Sport, rain and custom) is perfect, and just a hint of Abrupt when transitioning from ignition to acceleration. After several iterations of this power plant, it has reached an extremely satisfactory state of refinement. This does not mean that it is boring. The howl of the intake, coupled with the exhaust note, makes me turn the gears up and down again and again.One of the big changes made to the Tracer 9 during the transition to the GT+ is the third generation Quickshifter. Not only does it handle all the usual challenges that I pose to these systems during the tests, such as the ascent /descent in the first two gears at different engine speeds and throttle openings, but it also handles the most mundane tasks of changing gears to softer speeds or with sporting intentions occurring slippery and difficult to use, but it also handles the most mundane