Twitch Stenberg Custom Indian Game Boss

“Take it easy, there are 40 miles on it,” Freestyle Motocross legend Carey Hart told her friend and fellow FMXer “Twitch” Jeremy Stenberg as they headed out for a first ride. Hart built Stenberg a custom-made Indian Motorcycle Sport Chief 2023 as part of Indian’s fake video series — and it’s a beauty. Hart put 400 hours into the bike and built a machine that could withstand the abuse of Twitch. But all the same, it’s brand new and the revelation of this personalized sports chef was just a few minutes ago for the cameras filming the Finale of the forged series.

Twenty minutes later, Hart’s best friend and rapper, Big B, receives a teletext with circular burnouts and a diet limiter. “So much for taking it easy,” he says, showing me the video.

At least later in the day I won’t have to worry too much about my race with the athletic director. Pre-abused is the way I prefer to ride on a motorcycle that the Indian PR company was very worried that I would ride. We even had to provide proof of insurance covering the cost of the replacement.

And the concerns are well founded. Hart took the sports chief on the frame before building a club-style custom that enhances the performance of Indian’s latest chef model. The List of parts and modifications is long, including a Trac Dynamics swingarm in machined aluminum, Fox surpris absorbers, Brembo monobloc calipers, Beringer controls, knee pads on the fuel tanks and a Schultz Designz paint.

Hart’s Motocross racing days for private riders instilled the value of getting it right and not cutting corners. And here all the invisible work is hidden behind the silver foil and glossy paint. Titanium fasteners are used almost everywhere with a screw lock and the correct torque values. Each pivot is greased. Each point of contact is perfected for the driver.

After Twitch returns, the film crew is getting Interviews and O-notes as I get ready for my turn after getting a behind-the-scenes look at the production of this latest episode for Indian. After having traveled a few hundred kilometers with a sports chef, I am aware of my likes and dislikes for this model. I love the high-torque growl of the Thunderstroke 116 engine, but the tuning by the T-bar regulators at 3,500 rpm forces a short displacement or to run the engine beyond the limit of power. It’s also a stretch for my 5-foot-10 frame to those vibrating handles, and the position of the footrest doesn’t match my knees or hips. The braking in the front is impressive for a cruiser with strong performance and excellent feedback, but the rear is less with a light switch feel.