Rawrr Mantis Electric Soil Bicycle First Ride Audit

Electric motorcycles are two-wheelers that seem to be either overgrown downhill mountain bikes that have lost their pedals, or shrunken Enduros with electric motors. No matter how you want to look at it, they are exploding in the market. These bikes are light, fast, relatively quick to load and a lot of fun because they fulfill a unique Mission: there are practically no practical burdens. They are usually only off-road, so you are supposed to get on and drive or navigate while having fun. They also tend to be affordable and require little maintenance.

The Rawrr Mantis 72V is one of those all-electric play bikes. The seat height of 33.5 inches and the narrow and light combination of the chassis and the engine (165 with the 72V Battery) make driving very easy for people new to gasoline two-wheelers and easy to master for more experienced people. Rawrr is certainly easy to drive slowly, but I also came here to find out how fast it goes. “Here”, Blackmore Ranch in Menifee, California, is a super cool private motorcycle complex that is Dirt Heaven.

Rawrr is a young company based in Los Angeles, a design team in Italy and research and development in China, where the bikes are manufactured. The founder was described by the American team as a former Chinese national Motocross competitor, and the desire was to build an electric motorcycle more similar to a motorcycle than the competition, but still easy and fun to ride. The Mantis is in its second year of production and the big news this year is more power: the Mantis 2024 is equipped with a Samsung 72V 35Ah battery that increases the power of the electric motor to 7,500 watts. It is also said that the torque output is increased by 19% compared to the 60V.

In addition, the throttle control mapping has been updated to the seventh Version to give experienced drivers a more natural and predictable feel, and they have even fixed some reliability issues, including a new kickstand switch. If you have already bought a 60V Mantis, the 72V Battery is a walk-in replacement and you get the same benefit. The company claims that a Smartphone application is on the way and will allow users to adjust the maximum power, maximum torque and brake regeneration in certain parameters, as well as write their own throttle map. It will also offer live updates.